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Temporarily Moving to Substack

Readers, thank you so much for following along on! I’ve decided to try out Substack for the time being, and so I will be publishing there from now on. Link to my new substack is here. If you are an email subscriber to, your email has automatically been transferred over to the substack. […]

MongoDB YouTube Video

MongoDB is the newest trial position in my portfolio, and I made a YouTube video here where I talk about the key points behind my MongoDB investment thesis. Also, my March portfolio update is in progress, and I hope to have it published this week. Let me know what you think about MongoDB in the […]

February 2022 Portfolio Review

Welcome to my February 2022 portfolio update! My portfolio is up 214% as of writing on 2/21/2022 from when I started tracking my results on January 1st, 2020. This means that, $100 invested in the ExponentialDave portfolio on January 1, 2020 would now be worth $314, which is more than a triple (3x). Meanwhile my […]

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