Welcome to Exponential Dave, where I will show you how I grew my wealth 225% in a single year! Although I do not expect to ever make that kind of money in a single year again, I am highly confident I will continue to trounce the S&P 500. This blog will walk you through how I make investing decisions, and I will provide details on stocks that I am either already investing in or am considering investing in. My portfolio updates will be published at least quarterly, and I may even discuss some personal finance topics.

The stocks that I invest in are high growth stocks, and many of them are SAAS (software as a service) or tech related. I am uniquely suited to analyzing tech and software stocks because of both my educational and professional background. By trade, I am a software engineer with eight years of experience in the tech industry (five of those spent as a software engineer). I have a master’s degree in computer science and an undergraduate degree in finance. That said, my best learning regarding investments did not come from school – I began investing at the age of nine with my father’s encouragement. I used money from mowing yards to buy stocks and eventually taught myself how to manage a portfolio.

By far the biggest learning leap I took, was when I accidentally stumbled onto an investment forum run by my friend and mentor, Saul. I am incredibly grateful for the enormous amount of knowledge Saul has given me.

Wrapping things up, I am excited you’re here and look forward to helping YOU grow wealth exponentially!

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