Turbo Charging Results with Options

The end of June and the beginning of July has been great for the Exponential Dave portfolio, sending my cumulative results to 301% since beginning tracking in January of 2020. Specifically this includes gains of 225% in all of 2020 and gains of 24% year to date in 2021. Think of it like starting with $100 in 2020, ending 2020 with $325, letting that $325 sit in the market for all of 2021 and watching it grow to $401 as of July 9, 2021. This is exponential growth!

I received a comment on my June portfolio update asking about my options strategy, and so I will be describing it in this post. The strategy is actually incredibly simple. I have been employing this strategy since March of 2020, and on average, I have seen returns of 198% per option on average.

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